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Piano Lesson Information

Have you or your kids been playing around on an old piano and you aren’t sure if piano is something you want to pursue?Do you love the sound of the piano and want to be able to make it your own?

Are you a dedicated musician who wants to get better but isn’t sure how?

Learning piano is scientifically proven to increase cognition in many areas of the brain that have to do with coordination, decision making, and problem solving. It also gives you a step up in learning other instruments. We are sure we have a teacher who can help you reach your goals. Our piano teachers are relatable, flexible, and highly educated professionals dedicated to nurturing our students passion to make music while honing their skills to make them well rounded musicians that are passionate, skillful, and diligent learners.

We come from a variety of backgrounds and have a vast array of experience to draw upon. We teach everything: classical, jazz, contemporary, improvisation, theory, church music. Lesson are individually tailored to each student to meet their needs, interests, and learning style. We structure our lessons in such a way that kids have structured learning goals from the latest method books and supplement every lesson with comprehensive theory and songs picked by the students themselves.

Overall we seek to foster meaningful relationships with our students. Making music is a personal experience for everyone and we want our students to feel safe sharing their creativity and passion with us while we share our knowledge and passion with them. We love to see our students come in to lessons eagerly, and leave smiling.

What We Teach:
Sheet music reading
Basic to advanced piano technique
Classical music – like Chopin or Debussy
Contemporary piano songs (Beatles/Billy Joel/Coldplay/etc)
Playing by ear/chording
Music Theory
Whatever songs/styles the student wants to learn (as their abilities permit)

5 years and up

Mon – Sun: 9 am to 8 pm @ Olympia Studio
Mon, Wed, Thu: Dupont in students’ homes

How Long/Frequency:
Lessons are once a week for 30 minutes, and there are generally only four lessons a month. Longer lessons can be arranged (ie. 45 minutes or an hour) if the student so desires. For advanced students this allows for more time to work on advanced concepts.

At Olympia Studio: $112 a month

No contract or “commitment” is required for lessons. All lessons are taught on a month to month basis.


My daughter eagerly looks forward to piano lesson day! Alex is a an encouraging, patient, and thoughtful piano teacher and we are grateful for her approach with our daughter who is progressing so quickly and flourishing with Alex’s instruction. HIGHLY recommend Alex! -Bonnie L. on Facebook

I have known Laurel Gonzalo for 10 years. She is a gifted writer and teacher for all ages. She is a gifted piano performer and teacher in both pop jazz and classical music. – Ben M. – professional trumpet player and instructor

Dennis Williams is a fantastic piano teacher. He is patient and kind. My daughter Emma really enjoys having him as her instructor and recently described her experience as “awesome.” I would highly recommend Dennis to anyone looking for a teacher.-Lori

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