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Are you struggling to learn on your own with youtube, DVDs and the like?

Are you looking for a family friendly place for your child to take lessons?

Are you wanting to fill in the gaps in your understanding of music theory on the guitar?

Are you wanting to find an affordable place in Olympia to take lessons?

All of our instructors vividly recall taking lessons. Most of us took lessons here in Olympia, Washington with local instructors. There were good experiences, where we connected with the instructor and they worked with our musical interests…and there were bad experiences, where we played music that was boring and we were taught music that we didn’t like.

Our whole approach to teaching was shaped by these experiences. To illustrate: as guitar players, when we pick up our instruments, we undoubtedly will play music we like. We work on songs that interest and challenge us. There is always a riff, a lead line, a finger picking pattern, etc. that we are trying to master.

So for our students, we will inquire about their musical interests, goals, and how their practicing is going. Keeping a student engaged in the learning process increases motivation, progress and enjoyment. This is the magic that sets Jammin’ Music Studios apart.

In the process of learning we will work on chords, rhythm/strumming, various guitar riffs, and more (see below). We also teach the fundamentals (e.g. music theory, proper right and left hand technique, tablature and reading sheet music when appropriate). This knowledge is then applied to music the student is interested in.

All of our lessons are taught one-on-one between the instructor and the student. This allows for a customized learning experience that focuses on the student’s learning style and their interests. In group lessons the process is very slow and the speed of the class is often determined by the slowest learner. This is the reason all college music majors have to take private lessons. It is the best and most effective way to learn an instrument.

Guitar, being a stand alone instrument, is very fun and challenging to play. With time and practice you will find yourself playing songs you hear on the radio and/or jamming with your friends.

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What We Teach:
Rhythm Guitar
Lead Guitar
Classical Guitar
Finger Picking
Note Reading & Tablature
Proper Right & Left Hand Technique
Music Theory
How To Jam With Other Musicians

You pick the music and we’ll teach you to play it: Pop, Rock, Blues, Metal, Country, Christian, Church Worship, etc.

Acoustic and electric guitar are both taught. A student can start with either instrument depending on what their ultimate goal is.

No contract is required for lessons. All lessons are taught on a month to month basis.

6 years and up

Sun – Fri: 9 am to 9 pm @ Olympia Studio

How Long/Frequency:
Lessons are once a week for 30 minutes and there are generally only four lessons a month. Longer lessons can be arranged (ie. 45 minutes or an hour) if the student so desires. For advanced students this allows for more time to work on advanced concepts.

At Olympia Studio: $112 a month


I take lessons with Joey Archer. After only 2 months I am playing like I never thought I could before lessons. I choose the songs I want to learn and am constantly challenged. You will have to commit to practicing when you sign up, if you just want to look cool carrying a guitar case, you may as well put your lunch in it, because this is a place to learn to get better every week. I highly recommend. -Kim H

I have two boys taking lessons at Jammin Music Studios and they love it. I have been so pleased with their progress, desire to learn & motivation to practice. What a great place to take lessons. Here is what my boy Parker said about his instructor Jon Balsey. Jon is the best instructor ever. He teaches you well and if you don’t get something right, he’ll help you with it. He is nice, helpful and fun. He has 2 really cool guitars! -H. Family

I’m in 8th grade and have been taking lessons from Paul for 8 months. He’s nice and helps me to progress a lot each lessons, and I have fun while learning. I would recommend Paul to anyone. -Jack B.

Eric, I thank you for your patience in teaching Dionna guitar. She is a lefty so I know that is a little more challenging for some. She truly enjoys the guitar and she enjoys lessons as well. She has gotten frusterated but having your patience has helped her to learn how to put what is on paper onto the guitar. Thank you again and hope she continues with you throughout her guitarin’ future. -Valarie C

My son is one of Joey’s youngest students, he is 6. I really like that he tailors the teaching to his age level. Anthony looks forward to going to guitar lessons every week. Joey also always gives just the right amount of homework for my son, so that my son can stay focused. He also teaches him music that he listens to and is familiar with and is interested in. He also makes my son laugh. He has been in lessons 7 months and will continue for many years to come. -Karyl

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