Get Inspired By This Beginning/Intermediate Piano Piece

Get Inspired By This Beginning/Intermediate Piano Piece

Nine out of ten times, kids and adults alike are inspired to take piano lessons because they heard a song that moved them in an inspiring and creative way and they just have to be able to recreate that for themselves. Unfortunately, that epic flowing masterpiece requires quite a bit of preliminary groundwork – which can be frustrating to aspiring maestros who just want to SHRED ALREADY! If you or your student identify with that sentiment, here’s a song for you!

He’s A Pirate, the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean. If you want to play the piano as hard and as fast as you can, this may be a good fit. It’s written in a lead sheet format, so the only note reading that needs to be done is for the right hand. The left hand will play octaves or fifths (depending on the size of the students hand) for the blue chords written just above the staff. We like teaching this song because it lights a fire in the eyes of our students, is excellent for sight reading, and provides great exercise for fast finger work. We’ve attached the sheet music below. Let the shredding begin!

–> He’s a Pirate <—


Here’s some YouTube inspiration for later on down the road.



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