Our Instructors

Our Instructors

At Jammin’ Music Studios our team is committed to helping you achieve your musical goals and aspirations. Each instructor is an experienced performer and educator, preferring not only to play music but also to pass on their talents to others. Student’s musical likes are woven into the lessons along with core skills (proper technique, sheet music reading, music theory, etc). We believe learning to play music should be fun! We’ll have you playing music fast, and before you know it you’ll be playing your favorite songs.

Joey Archer
Studio Director
Guitar | Bass | Ukulele
Joey is one of Olympia’s most sought after and family friendly instructors. Having taught music for almost two decades he has kept a very full schedule teaching, at times, over 100 students a week. Whether it’s working with beginners, helping someone learn their favorite song, teaching music theory, or leading the staff at the studio, teaching is a passion for him.
“Joey came highly recommended and we have not been disappointed. My daughter has taken guitar lessons from a variety of teachers over the past 5 years and Joey is the clear favorite. The lessons are challenging, but geared toward my daughter’s musical taste and abilities.” -Jen

Jon Balsley
Guitar | Piano
Olympia native, Jon, has a passion for making good music and for helping others learn to do the same. Having played on multiple projects and in several different bands, he understands well how to work with other musicians in a band setting. Jon teaches both guitar and piano.
“Jon Balsley is a wonderful person who happens to be a tremendously talented guitarist and instructor. Jon has taken the time to get to know each of our uniquely different boys and appeal to each of their strengths. Jon has been patient in teaching and flexible with schedules. He has been kind and a joy to get to know.” – Will

Paul Thompson
Paul is a long time guitar enthusiast and an Olympia native who has been playing guitar now for over 30 years. He started playing in rock bands as a teen and after taking some college level music theory eventually found his niche in Contemporary Worship Music.
“Paul is an amazing guitar teacher! He makes the lesson so much fun! He teaches me songs I want to learn and what he wants me to learn! I’m glad that he is my guitar teacher :)” -Tearney

Eric Nail
Guitar | Ukulele
Eric’s musical journey started like many of our students. At 12 years old he was given a guitar, signed up for lessons and has excelled ever since. He is a natural musician and teacher; whether talking about guitar or electronics (one of his other loves), Eric can’t help but show you what he knows.
“Eric, I thank you for your patience in teaching Dionna guitar. She truly enjoys the guitar and she enjoys lessons as well. She has gotten frustrated but having your patience has helped her to learn how to put what is on paper onto the guitar.” -Valarie

Katie Mathias
Guitar | Piano | Classical Guitar
A recent graduate from Colorado Christian University Katie is a talented classical guitar player. Having studied locally both guitar and piano, she discovered a whole new love in college, classical guitar. Katie teaches both contemporary and classical guitar.
“How fortunate I was to be at Jammin Music Studio when Katie Mathias arrived to teach Classical Guitar. She is wonderful both as a musician to try to emulate and as teacher who motivates, encourages, and does it all with good humor and infinite patience. I have learned so much from her…” -Mary

Laurel Gonzalo
Piano | Voice | Composition
Laurel has worked in many areas of music following her graduation from the University of Puget Sound, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music. After studying and performing in Europe she returned to live in Los Angeles while continuing her studies and freelancing.
“I have known Laurel for 10 years. She is a gifted writer and teacher for all ages. She is a gifted piano performer and teacher in both pop jazz and classical music.” -Ben McDonald – Professional Musician and Educator

Dennis Williams
Music has been a passion for Dennis since he was very young. He started out playing the piano on his own learning as much as he could. He began taking lessons and in his first year he advanced quickly and was chosen to represent his class in the State Audition Recognition Recital.
“Kendrick enjoys his piano lessons with Dennis. He teaches the technical aspect of piano playing in a fun, easy to learn way. Awesome piano teacher. Highly recommended.” – Donna
Gary Liden | Guitar, Bass & Ukulele
Gary Liden
Guitar | Bass | Ukulele
Gary spent 18 years as a full time instructor in Kirkland with students of all ages and abilities. For 13 of those years he was on the applied music faculty of Northwest University.

Gary specializes in many types of guitar including Chord Melody Soloing (where you play bass lines, chords and melody all at the same time), Jazz and Improvisation, Classical Guitar, Fingerpicking (solo and accompaniment styles), Gospel & Contemporary Christian, Pop, Country, Chet Atkins/Jerry Reed styles.

Alex Lee
Alex began playing piano when she was 6 years old. As with many students Alex did not always enjoy learning, but through her mother’s encouragement she stuck it out and flourished. Today, those 14+ years of classical training have taken root and Alex not only loves playing piano…
“My daughter Melissa loves Alex! She eagerly looks forward to her weekly lessons! Alex is flexible with our crazy busy schedule. She lives to see her students learn and have fun with piano!” – Annette

Crystal Webb (Clayton)
Growing up and performing together with her sisters has taught Crystal much of the confidence she sings with today.. Crystal is a classically trained soprano but has spent much of her career singing pop music. She has been trained by Kim Wood Sandusky, one of the most influential vocal coaches in the global music industry. Whose clientele include Beyonce and more…
“I would highly recommend Crystal Clayton for Vocal Lessons. She has an extraordinary talent….My daughter and I leave each session feeling like we have improved our vocal talent, and feel inspired and encouraged. She is a gift and a blessing to us, and we are very much enjoying our weekly lessons with Her. If you are looking for excellent instruction, you can’t do better than her.” – Roxanne
Leon Adams | Piano | Dupont/JBLM
Leon Adams
Piano | Dupont & JBLM
R. Leon Adams is a full-time professional pianist, keyboardist, songwriter, director and arranger. Born and raised just south of Seattle, Washington, Leon has over 30 years of piano playing experience beginning at age 7, and was a church accompanist for 5 choirs at age 8. Leon has studied music at the University of Nebraska-Omaha under Dr. Steven Raybine.

Kerry Gansberg
Bio Coming Soon…