Student Blog | Ben – First Guitar Lesson

Student Blog | Ben – First Guitar Lesson

Hi my name is Ben McDonald. I’m 30 years old and just started taking guitar lessons at Jammin’ Music Studios with Joey Archer.

I’m amazed at how little I knew about playing guitar. I knew it would be tough but, wow! I was holding the pic wrong, the way I was holding the guitar was wrong, and of course as soon as he said “ok, your turn”, I totally botched the chords/song he was trying to teach me.

We worked on a finger exercise to get my hands working together and Joey also showed me Sunshine of Your Love. Great song! I thought I might be somewhat decent because in my opinion, I’m pretty coordinated, and am a quick learner, but It was so foreign to me that I was embarrassing myself. However, Joey was patient and said, “don’t worry, you’ll get it soon.” At the time, I was thinking, “yea right!”

Well, guess what, I practiced every day for a week, sometimes longer than others – fifteen minutes to an hour every day. I memorized what we had practiced within a couple of days and couldn’t stop playing. I’m having a great time.


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