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Here is a fun song from the American Idol finale. It was performed by Phillip Phillips who won yesterday. It has an interesting finger picking pattern as well as some aggressive strumming.  I know several of my students will like learning this one.  Enjoy and let us know what you think by commenting below!  Also let you friend’s know about it by clicking on the “like” button up above.

I will be posting a video tutorial of it soon for those who want to SEE how it’s played. 🙂

Click HERE to download the chart.

Enjoy and keep on Jammin!

Joey Archer
Studio Director & Guitar/Bass Instructor

Here is the studio recording if you haven’t heard the song yet.  It has a great feel to it.


[youtube ]7dfTURAhrTY[/youtube]

Meet Our Instructor Paul

Meet Our Instructor Paul

Meet our instructor Paul Thompson (pictured here with his first guitar). Paul began playing guitar as a young child but became disillusioned with taking lessons when all his teacher had him do was read sheet music. Several years later when Paul reached his teens he began playing rock and roll with his friends and found that he really loved playing. Once again a passion for playing music began to take root in his heart.

This brings up a couple thoughts.

Music lessons should be fun as well as educational.

Keeping a young child motivated to practice is the challenge for every instructor. We have found that teaching the student to play songs that THEY like helps maintain that motivation and makes learning more far more enjoyable. Whether it’s learning rock riffs during guitar lessons or
Owl City during piano lessons, when taught the right way, learning to play an instrument can be fun!

Taking a break from lessons does not mean you are done as a musician.

We all know that life gets busy and there are times when it is difficult to be consistent with practicing because of other things that take our time and attention. Sometimes “taking a break” from lessons is necessary but that doesn’t mean you have to stop forever. You can always come back to it and, like Paul, find a musical outlet and flourish.

Cold Weather & Your Guitar

In cold weather it always best to keep your guitar/bass away from the outside walls of your house when it is in it’s case or on a guitar stand. The cold air (plus the warm air inside your house) can affect your action (how high the strings are from the neck) and make your guitar harder to play.

Also…an article from the owner of Taylor Guitars on what you should consider when deciding on leaving your guitar out versus keeping it in the case.