Cold Weather & Your Guitar

In cold weather it always best to keep your guitar/bass away from the outside walls of your house when it is in it’s case or on a guitar stand. The cold air (plus the warm air inside your house) can affect your action (how high the strings are from the neck) and make your guitar harder to play.

Also…an article from the owner of Taylor Guitars on what you should consider when deciding on leaving your guitar out versus keeping it in the case.

Great article for anyone trying to understand guitar pedals.  Give it a read.

39 Of The Best Guitar Pedals – A Beginners Guide

This is Sam

This is Sam (we made him do the funny introduction “Hi I am Sam”).  He is doing Relient K’s – Getting Into You.  A great alternate picking song.  

He has been taking lessons with Joey for a little over a year.  He is one of those students that instructors love.  He does his homework every week, puts his time in practicing, and is progressing very quickly.  Way to go Sam!