Pick of Shame…..

Welcome to the Jammin’ Music Studios Blog!  We hope to use this blog to offer helpful advice, useful information, and tools to help you become a better musician.  We will try to keep the posts fun and relatively short and to the point.

I thought our first blog post should be a fun one….the “Pick of Shame”

Let me introduce myself…my name is Joey Archer and I am the owner of Jammin’ Music Studios.  I teach guitar and bass lessons in Olympia, WA and in the Dupont/Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) area.

Every so often at the beginning of a lesson a student tells me that they don’t have a guitar pick and asks if I have one they can borrow.  Before I say yes I first attempt to discover if they simply forgot theirs at home or if  they don’t have any at all and have been using their fingers. I then jokingly tell them that because they didn’t bring a pick to their lesson, they must use the “Pick of Shame,” and I hand them one of these:

If you’re ever in a bind and need a guitar pick,  bread clips work GREAT!  At least great as opposed to using your fingers.  They have enough flexibility to work like a light (.60 mm or so) guitar pick.   Though you may need to use a pair of scissors to shape them a little, they do the job.

There are a couple other options for guitar picks if you’re in desperate need:

  • Credit Card (Dave Ramsey would love this one) – Instructions
  • Library Card, Costco Card – Same as credit card
  • CD – Instructions
  • Coins – These don’t work great and the metallic sound they make is awful, but someone always asks about it so it makes the list.

If you wondering why I call it the “Pick of Shame” watch this….

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–  Joey Archer –

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